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Share Apps: file transfer, Transfer data is marvelous file sharing app that entitle user to share files among various operating systems. User can transfer and receive data like documents, apps, videos, images music files, contacts etc. between computers, smart phone and tablets via hotspot, Bluetooth, WIFI, and QR code.

Share Apps: file transfer, Transfer data is splendid application among transfer apps that enable user to do file share and other vital data whatever their size is. Transfer photo that has been captured with your friend and family member also transfer data with them. The share file app based follows the cross platform principle and perform file sharing and send files from your old mobile phone device to new one. Transfer apps is user friendly design so you can conveniently install it and open and view all the options in a well structured and proper order. Now do all share and playlist transfer with a click of a button and once file send it manage like searching and sorting as file sender app is immediate file manager. Share and transfer music files, videos and apps indeed all kind of files. Now photo transfer is easy as mobile data transfer application supports multiple languages that give freedom to user from any part of the globe anywhere you want. There isn’t need to worry about transfer my data if you are a working or business person want to sharefile which is paramount for your work.

Share Apps: file transfer, Transfer data has an exquisite feature of securing your essential data gives user reliability of data safety and security when user transfer file. Execute phone data transfer and transfer photo with authenticity. Mobile data transfer is now on tip of finger therefore share app gives user an opportunity to get your favorite music files, movies, documents even an app if you find in your friend’s mobile phone device that is valuable for your work. Indeed user can send files, bring about file share and acquired them as well music library from others devices anywhere at home, office or a workplace. If user wants to transfer my data and have no internet connectivity share and transfer file via Bluetooth. In case of purchasing new mobile phone device you don’t need dismay regarding transferring data go share all the data with phone data transfer and APK share, with all share mechanism you can easily send files and do mobile data transfer like photos, audios, videos, contacts, messages in addition playlist transfers option is available in this app.

Share Apps: file transfer, Transfer data is unique share app which facilitates users to transfer files without any limitations. If you are willing to sharefile or file send to mobile without consuming data. This app is for you now share files, share music, photo transfer and memorable events pictures with other family members as phone data app is practical app to carry out all your tasks. There is no limitation of size in file sharing user can do entire playlist transfer as this handy file sender app. All share without any restrictions, user can share all sorts of files with various formats like MP3, MP4, AVI, JPEG etc. The QR code embedded in this app scan quickly and matches gently to assists you to send files hassle free.

Share Apps: file transfer, Transfer data has an exquisite feature through which user perform file share anywhere and at any place. File sender app is appropriate for mobile data transfer as it sends and receives files with high speed. User can personalize wallpaper, GIF and stickers in these amazing transfer apps as well can make photo transfer. Go share and transfer photo to your friend and family regardless of its size as there is no constrains of format and volume of data you want to share.

Main features of the app are;

Share music files, documents, photos, videos, contacts, apps, APK etc

Transfer file without internet connectivity go share all files offline.

Cross platform compatibility and backup solution

Apa yang baru dalam versi terkini 1.3

Last updated on Dec 2, 2021

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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