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How many words will you find in our relaxing word search game The Wordies that contains 5 game modes to choose from and more than 500 000 English words? Challenge other people from all around the world and try to make it to TOP20 highscores!

The Wordies is a full version with no ads, no In-App purchases and the game can be played without an internet connection.


* Relaxing word search game
* No ads + no In-App purchases
* Submit and share your score and review points of other people
* 5 game modes to choose from
* More than 500 000 English words included
* Learn new English words and vocabulary and improve your spelling and typing skills while playing


* Challenge - each word with 3+ combos will add new letters, otherwise the word will be removed
* Time Attack - you have 180 seconds time limit to get the best score possible
* Quick - no new letters added, create as many words from letters on the board
* 15 Words - you can create 15 words, get the best score possible
* 1 Word - create as long word as possible, you can create just one!


Put your finger on a letter of your choice and move it to neighboring letters (horizontally, vertically, diagonally) to create words and release your finger to submit your created words! The game recognizes if the word exists and if so it will change the background behind the word you created into green color! Release your finger to submit the word! Match the color of the first letter in your word to get the combo points! (Example of combo: First letter is pink, each letter with pink color multiplies your points!)

Get the best score possible and try to make it into TOP20!

Have fun!

The Wordies PRO Kemas kini

* Support for 64-bit devices
* Minor UI changes
* Added OUR GAMES section in which you can find more games of ours

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