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2.5 for Android
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Join the next generation of augmented reality 3D social media app and merge your imagination with reality. Dream and explore anything anywhere through your personalized 3D avatar (TaDa).

Augray excelled in producing impeccable solutions with Augmented Reality attributes to elevate your businesses and work optimally.
Here we tell you the story of how we brewed our TaDa app! The super-genie of the 3D look-alike Avatars that help you mark your identity in fun-filled attributes.

We give you the best of our TaDa!

🤩 TaDa won’t bother you to sign-up with any of your accounts.
🤩 It helps you bring your 3D look-alike avatars into your dwelling spot, which bring you the fictitious characters that take you to cloud nine.
🤩 TaDa serves as your confidant which; brings you a gazillion of followers and friends all over the world!
🤩 Worry not about your device’s storage- TaDa is decent, and it understands you and your gadgets too!

What’s so special about TaDa?

Do you know? TaDa is our first kind of 3D Avatar creator that intrigues you to try on the New-Gen technology which is the new trend in Social Media.

Magics of TaDa!

Why yearning for a face-time when you got TaDa in your hands? TaDa allows you to perform magic tricks with its amazing features. Wanna know what they do?
✔️ You can create your personalized 3D Avatar
✔️ Cool animation stuff
✔️ Unique voices in the gallery can use your voice
✔️ You can share across your channels

How TaDa works?

TaDa is innovatively designed to cope with your needs of social media messaging in more exciting formats.

You can bring your look-alike 3D Avatars following these simple easy-peasy steps.

✔️ Capture your real face in 3D
✔️ Customize your 3D avatar (Gender, skin tone, hairstyle, outfits, footwear & eyewear)
✔️ Scan your environment (via rear cam) to place your avatar
✔️ Add animation from a variety of emotions (Dance, Sports, Fun, Celebration, Love, Wishes, Adventure, Action and Feelings)
✔️ Choose any audio from the library or record your own
✔️ Add text effects
✔️ Draw AR doodles
✔️ Record a 10-second video or take a snapshot
✔️ Post edit options: Filter options, Text effects, doodles
✔️ Share your content externally or post it on the app

What do you need to operate the app smoothly: Ideally an Android phones that have more than 2 GB RAM and Gyro along with the latest Android version with a high camera quality.


Keeping both the iOS and Android users in mind, TaDa Time lets you enter into the application or it redirects you to the play store link if you haven’t owned the application!

Nothing stops you from reaching TaDa! It’s time to try out all the new features and share your videos!

As TaDa Time is in the incubation phase, kindly cooperate with the inconveniences you face and keep supporting our app! With everyone’s support, TaDa Time achieves greater altitudes and entertains everyone!

Your 3D Avatar is ready to post amongst your community!

TaDa Time 2.5 Kemas kini

- Now you can create a realistic avatar of yourself
- New Attires and animations
- Few bug fixes and enhancements

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Dimuat naik oleh: Khant Lin Kyaw

Versi Terbaru: 2.5Minta TaDa Time Kemas kini

Available on: Dapatkan TaDa Time melalui Google Play

Memerlukan Android: Android 7.0+

Laporkan: Tandai sebagai tidak sesuai

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