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AI art & image generator, plus photo editing tools to create stunning pictures

Create amazing digital art & stunning photo creations with Photoleap's powerful AI image generator and image effects. Powerful photo editing tools, graphic design, digital art & more, at your fingertips.

Whether you're looking for an AI picture editor, building designs from scratch, or just adding a magical touch to your photos, Photoleap is the all-in-one AI art app you need. Enjoy classic photo effects like colorize or enhance, or take your images to the next level with photo animation, text-to image AI, or 3d photo effects.


- Picture retouch to create HD photos out of old snapshots

- Instant photo effects will revive & restore your images until they look brand new

- Photo effects & advanced editing tools to sharpen pixelated or blurred pictures

- Retouch old photos to look natural & realistic with feature-rich tools, in one easy tap

- Give family portraits a new glow! Easy photo editing will refresh & colorize old photos and give them a new edge

- Give color & brighten your memories with natural & easy-to-use photo editing tools


- Easy-to-use photo editing to add stunning backdrops to your photos

- Try the background eraser to remove & replace what you don't like

- Create clean packshots to use for social media & graphic design

- Easy-to-use photo effects to add visuals to your photo backdrop before you share with your friends


- Create 3d photos and pictures with easy motion editing & effects

- Add picture animation to make your photos come alive

- Animate & create art out of your everyday photos

- Motion features to create 3d photos out of your still images

Prefer to start from scratch? Use the AI image generator to watch your imagination come alive & create works of art, instantly.


- Turn your selfies into works of art with AI avatars & the text to image AI generator

- Input your photos, pick an art style & watch your avatars come to life

- Create abstract, deep dream AI paintings with advanced neural networks

- New AI generator technology turns your selfies into whatever art style you dream of

- Animate yourself into your favorite paintings or cartoons, or design a completely new look for you and your family

Photoleap is new & improved with dozens of new photo editing & AI features to help you create art out of your pictures!

- Animate your photos with live effects to turn your still images into 3d photos.

- Add dimensions and create 3d photos out of the pictures you take on your phone!

- Create AI art with the text-to-image generator, or create a customized avatar for yourself

- Text-to-image AI generator to create whatever images you can dream of

- Colorize old photos to bring them back to life

- Enhance old photos and remove any blur

Photoleap is part of the award-winning Lightricks suite of apps, which includes a wide range of video and image editing solutions. Among them:

- Videoleap, the Video Editing Tool

- Facetune, the Selfie Photo & Video Editing Tool

- Lightleap, the Professional Image Editing Tool

- Boosted, the Marketing Video Editor & Maker

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Last updated on Jul 2, 2024

Introducing "FaceSwitch" - our latest feature that brings a twist to your pictures by enabling face swaps. Ready to mix things up and see yourself in a whole new light? Update now and let the fun begin!

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