Mengenai MultiScreenCalculator byNSDev


Ia adalah kalkulator yang dapat mengira pada beberapa skrin.

-Number of screens 1 to 6
-character Back button
-input clear button
-± swap reversal button
-Setting the number of decimal places (not specified, 0-5 Digit specification)
-setting of rounding (not specified, truncated, rounded, rounded up)
-the character size change
-change of tap sound
-change of vibration at the time of tap

*How to use
1. Enter like a normal calculator.
2. If you press the [=] button it will be recorded in the history.
3. You can change various settings in the [MENU] button.

For any damage caused on the use, even if it does not take the author any responsibility, even if it is clear that due to this app. Please use in a range of its own responsibility.

Please contact me at the reviews or e-mail if you have any requests or bug.
It helps you as much as possible in correspondence.

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Last updated on Sep 5, 2021

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