Simply compare the two pictures and touch the differences between them!

Simply compare the two pictures and touch the differences between them!
Bring super cute LINE characters into spot the difference game!

An official game for “LINE” app that offers free calls & messages.
Let’s play Hidden Catch game together with your real LINE friends!

★ A spot the difference game with your LINE friends!
★ Each Picture Pack features super cute LINE characters!
★ Combo! Combo!! Combo!!! String combos together to get access to the Bonus Stage!!!
★ You need “Hearts” to enjoy the game, send your love to your LINE friends every day!!!!

★ Compare the two pictures and point out the difference by touching the difference.
★ Complete the game by finding 5 differences in each of the 5 pictures in limited time.
★ If you are stumped, use the “Magic Pencil” or the “Hint” items!
★ You can gain more time, by finding all 5 spots, or by linking Combos. You can also use the “Time Plus” item to extend your time limit.
★ By linking Combos, you can access the Bonus Stage or multiply points.
★ Retry a stage even after completing it, each Pack offers many pictures with many differences.

■Enjoy the FREE Weekly Packs!

You can now play the packs featuring the LINE characters for free every week.
We are going to be updating this on a weekly basis so don’t miss it!

Apa yang baru dalam versi terkini 1.1.10

Last updated on Jul 17, 2015

[Version 1.1.10] New information
Thank you for playing LINE HIDDEN CATCH.
Please find the details below for our latest update of the game.

- Fixed minor issues.

We’ll do our best to provide best services for you to enjoy our product.
Thank you all for your supports to LINE HIDDEN CATCH..

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