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Knox Finder adalah penyelesaian kedudukan dalaman baru yang pantas, interaktif, dan tepat

Extending Knox Asset Intelligence's location feature, Knox Finder for Knox Asset Intelligence is a companion app that allows you to set up corporate devices to start reporting their indoor locations and get real-time visibility for all Samsung devices under management.

Using the Knox Finder app, customers can track, locate, and retrieve assets in large public and private spaces using Knox Asset Intelligence new fast, interactive, and accurate indoor positioning solution. Also gain the ability to set up your devices to report their locations as blue dots in the Knox Asset Intelligence service console.

Get the benefits of indoor positioning with the following steps:
1. Create a venue and upload floor maps per floor as needed.
2. Collect RSSI data for the venue using steps detailed in the app and our product guide.
3. Test and publish the data collected.
4. Log into the KAI console and see real time location of all devices per venue.

Please see product support documentation for details on each steps and other dependencies.
To learn more about Knox Finder for Knox Asset Intelligence , please visit:

Check out the Knox Finder for Knox Asset Intelligence admin guide :

Supported devices :

To learn more about Samsung Knox Asset Intelligence, please visit:

This is an enterprise business app and all features are accessible with a trial or commercial Knox Suite license. Please note that your experience may vary depending on the capabilities enabled by your IT administrator.

The app will collect some device information, including:

• Wi-Fi signal information for better accuracy
• Device sensors information
• Location
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