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2.0.5 by Volio Mobile Apps - Govo Tech

Nov 19, 2022

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Weather app, weather channel app to get latest news about forecast weather

🌤️ The weather channel is a smart local weather app that helps users update the weather anywhere right on their phone. Accuweather provides accurate weather forecasts, helping you confidently plan work and travel for a new week. Besides, weather underground also gives some environmental indicators for the day and hour by user's location. This weather channel - best weather app is a helpful assistant that provides quick and detailed forecast information that everyone needs in their phone.

🌤️ The weather channel provides in-depth weather information, and updates accu weather data for today and next week. With the information on weather underground, all your plans will not be affected by unusual weather changes when you have a thorough preparation. Weather widget is definitely a reliable weather app you've been looking for.

🌤️ The outstanding features of the best weather app make you download this application immediately:


- Accuweather provides various environmental indicators and weather maps:

+ The temperature can be flexibly changed depending on the user: oC, oF

+ Time format in 12 hours or 24 hours

+ Wind speed in mps, kt, mph, bft, kph

+ Pressure is measured in bar, Pa, kPa, atm, Torr

+ Information about humidity, temperature, visibility, UV index, AQI

- Simple weather underground free application interface, diverse weather effects: sun, moon, rain, thunder,... change flexibly to adapt to forecast information. With local weather app, users can easily use and update the weather situation quickly.


- The weather channel automatically updates your location when you change location

- Accuweather continuously update weather situation, and environmental data daily, hourly, weekly


Weather Assistant is the outstanding intelligent AI technology system of local weather

- The assistant will update the air quality indicators, UV rays continuously

- Weather assistant also relies on the indicators of el tiempo to give useful advice to users with outdoor activities


- Widget el tiempo shows detailed temperature indicators, weather alerts right on the main screen

- Weather underground free tailor-made many different widget sets to suit the user's personality

- The look of local weather changes according to the real-time weather outside

🌤️ With accurate weather and environmental information such as humidity, temperature, UV index, AQI,… weather underground will help you make the right decisions to protect the health of yourself and your loved ones. Furthermore, Weather widget's AI system will also give you some useful advice with the current weather situation. When using accu weather, you will definitely have the best preparation for any weather situation. Because weather channel – the best weather app will help you forecast the most accurate weather situation!

🌤️ The weather channel is a useful, important weather application that is indispensable on your phone. The weather underground interface is intuitive and clear, showing all the necessary indicators for you. The best weather app will help you proactively plan the time and place thanks to the accurate forecast. Download Accuweather now to get the fastest weather updates on your phone easily and completely for free!

최신 버전 2.0.5의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Nov 19, 2022

📢 UPDATE in new version:
⛅ Many unique widget themes
⛅ Performance improvement
⛅ Fix bugs

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