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A Fast, Free, Secure VPN Proxy

1.9.26 for Android


V2VPN에 대한 설명

V2VPN is a lightning and fast app provide fast, free VPN proxy service.You don't need any configuration, just click the "connect" button, you can access the Internet securely and anonymously.

V2VPN is perfectly compatible with the V2ray open source protocol, bringing you a full-platform supported experience.

🔵 Why choose V2VPN?

✔ Permanent and free VPN with advanced paid features
✔ No bandwidth limitation for all users
✔ Free tier includes 5GB of free monthly data, plus the opportunity to get an additional 15GB of monthly data by watching incentive ads
✔ Use TLS encryption to transmit data and use multiple layers of proxy server to protect your privacy
✔ Provide highly stable agency services with CDN technology
✔ Perfectly compatible with V2ray configuration, full platform software support
✔ Large number of server clusters
✔ Can be set to use proxy applications
✔ Smart selection server

🔴 Disclaimer

This app provides a VPN service to protect your private information, please use this app in accordance with local laws. This application is not responsible for any use of this application in violation of local laws or for violation of local laws.By using this app, you agree to all the above statements, ToS and the privacy policy by default.

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Additional Information

카테고리: 무료 도구 앱

게시 날짜:

Uploaded by: Wajahat Ali

최신 버전: 1.9.26V2VPN 업데이트 요청

Available on: Google Play에서 V2VPN 얻기

요구 사항: Android 5.1+

신고: 부적절한 것으로 표시함

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