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4.0 by JR Soft

Jun 9, 2022

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Shopee International : 많은 앱을 설치하지 않고도 올인원 쇼핑 앱

Shopee International is the best shopping App at this time.
This app includes all popular shopping websites in the world in a single app. This app always saves your time.

We have collected the top shopping sites and include them in one place.
Download Shopee International and start happy shopping without install multiple applications.

Here you can get Website-wise shopping, Category-wise shopping, Guide & Review Videos and also Product reviews & Guides.

We are happy to do that As we give you all your favorite online shopping portals in a single app.

What are Special things do you get on Shopee International?

Save mobile memory Because User App Size is too small.
Save your time always.
Faster speed & Smooth Shopping Experience.
User Friendly and 100% safe & Totally Secure.
No registration is required.
No need to install too many apps.
Easy to use.
Get the Latest Offers like 11.11 sale, summer sale, Black Friday, etc.

You will find all kinds of Offers, Deals, Coupons, Discounts on Shopee International app.
We notify you of all information Deals & Offers.

Disclaimer: We don't collect any personal information or identity in Shopee International.
All contents of the website are owned by the respective website. This is just an app, which uses web preview or its affiliates of the shopping websites included, This is NOT some official light version of the official app. We have no copyright over the content/logo of other websites.
We don't involve in any transaction, payment, and deliveries, so you can not blame us. For any details please visit These site's privacy policies and terms. other sites may have different privacy policies and terms that are beyond our control. Please read their privacy policy and terms and conditions carefully.

Kindly contact them for any questions or any violations.
Have any suggestions please contact us.

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Last updated on Jun 9, 2022

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Abdulla Hishan

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