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당신은 결코 단계 제로 결말 최종 만들 수 있습니까?

The premise of Phases is simple. You are an object of light that explodes if you collide with darkness. If it were only that easy...

Game Features:

◉ Over 40 Levels
◉ Insane real-time physics
◉ Battle through six different phases
◉ Find the mysterious Phase Zero
◉ Puzzles, action and more

Can you make it to the final never ending Phase Zero?

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추가 게임 정보

최신 버전

Phases 업데이트 요청 1.2

업데이트 날짜

Dec 6, 2014

업로드한 사람

Fernando Binho

필요한 Android 버전

Android 2.3.4+

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