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5.0.13 by OSN (OSN)

Oct 18, 2018

OSN Play 정보


OSN TV OSN 고객을위한 추가 비용없이 언제 어디서나 ... 가능합니다.

OSN TV anytime, anywhere... available at no extra cost for OSN customers.

Enjoy all your favorite OSN shows on selected Android tablets and Smartphones throughout the Middle East and North Africa with a Wi-Fi or cellular (3G/4G) connection.

Watch over 300 titles from OSN's movies, sports and TV shows. OSN Play also features live streaming of major sporting events on OSN Sports 1 and OSN Sports 2, and recently added OSN Sports Cricket and Disney Junior.

For security reasons and to protect the rights of our content partners OSN Play is not supported on any device where limitations included within the device operating system have been removed or tampered with (a.k.a. Jail-breaking/Rooting).


How much does OSN Play cost?

OSN Play is available to existing OSN Satellite TV Subscribers at no extra cost. What you are able to watch depends on your OSN subscription. If you are not an OSN subscriber you will NOT be able to view content.

How many devices can I register?

Each user can register up to two devices at any one time.

What are the streaming requirements?

We recommend a minimum continuous bandwidth of 2MB per second to access high quality streams.

Additional information

OSN Play has been tested on Samsung 10 and 8 inch form tablets and Samsung Galaxy SIII, S4, S5 and Note 2 and 3 Smartphones and these devices are fully supported. OSN Play is available for download on other Android devices however, results may vary.

최신 버전 5.0.13의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Oct 18, 2018

Fixes playback issue on Android 8 devices

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OSN Play 업데이트 요청 5.0.13

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Demi Tse

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Android 4.2+

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