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0h n0

1.1.0 for Android


0h n0에 대한 설명

It's 0h h1's companion game!

Remember that little logic game called 0h h1? Well, we've made a challenging new puzzle game to go along with it! Meet its companion... 0h n0.

0h n0 is a lovely little logic game that follows its own three rules:

- Blue dots can see others in their own row and column.
- Their numbers tell how many.
- Red dots block their view.

It's up to you to complete the grid without ever having to guess. Simply tap a tile to make it blue or red and complete the grid. 0h n0 gives you unlimited puzzles for all grid sizes:

5 x 5
6 x 6
7 x 7
8 x 8

And now included: 4 x 4 and 9 x 9 boards! Yay :D

Each puzzle can be played in perfect Zen mode without any pressure. But you can attempt to beat your personal best time in the game's time trials, unlock fun achievements and compete with friends in leaderboards.

0h n0 is free, without ads, without social network requirements, without locked features and without nag screens. 0h n0 is a little gift to you. We hope you enjoy it.

0h n0 can also be played on 0hn0.com.
And if you haven't played its sibling yet, go visit 0hh1.com.

0h n0 1.1.0 업데이트

Fixed the bug where the game didn't properly fit within the screen boundaries. Apologies for the inconvenience!

0h n0 태그

Additional Information

카테고리: 무료 퍼즐 게임

게시 날짜:

Uploaded by: Hossam Ouajil

최신 버전: 1.1.00h n0 업데이트 요청

Available on: Google Play에서 0h n0 얻기

요구 사항: Android 4.0.3+

신고: 부적절한 것으로 표시함

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