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説明 E6B+

E6B+ performs all the standard calculations of an E6B Flight Computer and provides useful tools like:
Weight and Balance
Altitude and Ground Speed
Leg Timer

Functions include:
Wind Speed and Direction
Heading, Ground Speed and Wind Correction Angle
Course, Ground Speed and Wind Correction Angle
True Airspeed
Runway Crosswinds
Fuel Consumption
Speed, Distance and Time
Density Altitude
Dew Point and Relative Humidity
Heat Index
Fuel and Oil Weight
Weight and Balance
Leg Timer
Flight Instruments (Altitude and Ground Speed)

Disclaimer: Use this application at your own risk. The pilot in command is solely responsible for assuring correct data and proper checking of the aircraft prior to flight.

Please report any bugs found to help develop this application. It is very important to mention the input you entered. Contact me via email for requests or complaints.

E6B+ 3.5 アップデート

Fixed bug where Settings was erased on device power off

E6B+ Tags


カテゴリー: フリー ツール アプリ

最終のバージョン: 3.5E6B+ 更新を申請する


投稿者: El Biscocho Gonzalez Muñiz

Android 要件: Android 2.0.1+

Available on: E6B+ をPlayストアでダウンロード

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