Informazioni su Dual Space - 64Bit Support


Migliorata la stabilità di alcune app clonate (Twitter ecc.) Nel dispositivo a 64 bit

DualSpace plug-in version for 64-bit devices.

This app helps improve the performance of DualSpace and solve following issues:

1. Fixed the compatibility issue of some cloned apps on 64-bit devices.
(E.g. fixed the issue that 64-bit WhatsApp or Twitter cannot run normally in DualSpace)

2. Improve the stability of DualSpace.


1. The app is an add-on for DualSpace.Please install DualSpace on your phone first.

2. This app is for 64-bit system.Please make sure your phone system is 64-bit before installation.

About DualSpace:

DualSpace is an app that provides natural & separate virtual environment for Android users to clone and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously on one device.

Novità nell'ultima versione 1.1

Last updated on Mar 18, 2019

1. Compatible with 64-bit apps and improve the stability of DualSpace
2. Fixed the issue that some cloned apps(WhatsApp, Twitter, Youtube etc.) run abnormally in 64-bit devices
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Mar 17, 2019

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