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alMahdi Library is a specialized collection of books on Imam Mahdi (a.s.), the twelfth Imam of Shia Muslims in Arabic.
The library is published by The centre of Specialist Studies at Imam alMahdi (atf)

App interface supports Arabic and Farsi.

- Book list and search
- Easy book reading and bookmarks
- Control the size of fonts and easy navigation
- Full text search
- Books are downloaded when needed
- Sync and updating of edited books or new books added

The Centre of Specialist studies at Imam alMahdi (atf):
The idea of Al-Imam Al- Mahdi(atf)is one of the most important topics presented on the scientific field with its various doctrines ,ideologies and philosophical trends. The all believes in the promised Day ,a day which is justice, prosperity and happiness of all mankind will be fulfilled , but they differ according their school _whether they are depending on bias or subjective criterion_ in the character which achieve this Global government
The most prominent theory at that level- I mean diagnosing adequate character to carry all these burdens and performing this function, which all the mankind aspires - is the thesis of the rightful doctrine of Shiite .
Responsibly speaking we can say that Twelfth Imamate Shiite theory in identifying this character is the suitable theory which is in harmony with human instinct from one side and lots of acceptable texts on another side .
This what we seek to make it a basic truth a studied movement adopted by our centre depending upon in its addressing rationality and agreed upon and correct inheritance.
Also we cannot ignore the impact of emotional side in forming the new ,rational and meaningful form of Muslims' mind .
Thus we take this in consideration and give it priority in the purposeful movement of the centre.

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