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Calorie Counter & Carb Manager - Freshbit

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Calorie Counter & Carb Manager - Freshbit का वर्णन

Freshbit - The 100% Free Calorie Counter and Carb Manager App

Whether you're trying to lose weight via Keto or just have a well-rounded diet (with the right vitamins and minerals), it's always better to eat the right foods rather than eating medicine. With Freshbit you set your weight goals, then log your food, workouts, and water to track your progress. Plan meals in advance and visualize your progress with one of the highest 5-star rated Calorie Counter and Carb Manager apps. All features are FREE, we only serve non-intruding ads and we don’t sell your data to 3rd parties.

Log your food, workout, and water

● Food Photos — Foods have photos, to make searching and finding foods easy for your Keto diet.
● Growing Food Database — Search over 200,000 foods and recipes to manage your Carbs and Keto diet.
● Barcode Scanner — Use the barcode scanner to scan and log your food and manage your Carbs and Keto diet the right way.
● Food Insights — Learn about the calorie and Carbs breakdown and micronutrients in each food.
● Water Tracker — Log your water intake by choosing from standard water sizes or entering a custom amount.
● Exercise Tracker — Choose from 800+ exercises and input your exercise duration, we’ll tell you how many calories you’ve burned.
● Nutrient Guide — See what each of the 17 nutrients (Carbs, Calories, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Iron, Saturated Fat, etc.) tracked by the app is good for, and what happens if you don't take enough.

Customize the app to your needs

● Customize Calorie Counter Goals — Choose your daily target for calories, fat, protein, and carbs to reach your Keto goals.
● Create your Own Food — Add food name, servings, carbs, and nutrition information.
● Create your Own Recipe — Add ingredients and cooking directions. A food label will be auto-generated based on the ingredients.
● Quick Intake — Can’t find a specific food and don’t have time to create one, no problem! Just Log the calories and carbs you’ve consumed, in a few seconds.
● Toggle Views — Toggle between day-week and week-view in your planner.
● Add Favorites — Select specific recipes as your favorites.

Visualize your success

● Daily Stats Chart — See your daily intake of calories, protein, fat, and carbs vs. your Keto or Custom goals.
● Calorie Counter Breakdown Chart — See your calorie and carbs intake, your daily outcome vs. your calorie breakdown goal.
● Micro Nutrient Chart — See a detailed list of 14 Micronutrients (Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Fiber, Iron, Magnesium, etc.) and your intake vs. your goal.
● Easy to Understand Scales — Understand your progress towards your goal with fun graphics and playful icons.
● Water Intake Chart — See your water intake vs. your suggested water intake.
● Weight Chart — See your weight depicted in a graph over time.
● 7 Day Calorie Graph — See your 7 daily calorie intake, depicting calorie breakdown (protein, carbs, and fat).

Get automatic reports & reminders

● Daily Notification — Get daily mobile notifications on how many more calories you can take in.
● Daily Email Report — Get daily emails with details on your food intake from the past day.
● Weekly Email Report — Get weekly emails with details on your weekly food intake.

Plan meals

● Plan for the Week — Toggle between days and plan foods for the week.
● Shopping List — Turn the shopping list feature on and add foods or ingredients to your shopping list.
● Create Your own Cook Book — Add recipes to your own cookbook.

Pricing & terms of service

We've made this app 100% feature free so anyone can track their health and plan meals without needing to pay for a subscription and we don't sell data to third parties. We only serve non-intruding ads.

You talk, we listen! Consistent app-updates ensure an amazing experience for less.

Support: afoodapp@gmail.com

Privacy & ToS: http://getfreshbit.com/tos

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