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Ansoku is a relaxing, fun, simple, and yet challenging puzzle game. 

It combines a relaxing and zen atmosphere with a high replay value. Besides that, there will be no intrusive fullscreen ads that interrupt the game and pull you out of your focus. Play as much and long as you want without such interruptions.

There is a relaxing ambient soundtrack available for you if you want in Ansoku, simply increase the volume of the music in the options menu.
By default, this is set to 0 to increase focus.

In Ansoku you use the given blocks to try and create horizontal and/or vertical rows without filling up the board. Once you create a full row, it will be cleared from the board and you get the sum of its value added to your current score.

For every block your place, its neighboring blocks will increase in value, use this to your advantage if you want and it will allow you to reach even higher scores.

The game saves automatically, so you can quit whenever you feel like and jump right back in the next time you open it up. There is also no time limit per move, take as long as you want.

An unforeseen feature:

After playtesting it came to light that some of the people that were sensitive to ASMR particularly enjoyed the game. The relaxed atmosphere in the game combined with the feedback of placing the blocks and clearing rows turned out to be a positive trigger. So if you are sensitive to that as well you could potentially relax even more while playing this.

Enjoy :)

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श्रेणी: फ्री पहेली गेम

प्रकाशन तिथि:

Uploaded by: Ignacio PerezdeArce

नवीनतम संस्करण: 16निवेदन Ansoku अपडेट

Available on: Ansoku Google Play प्राप्त करें

जरूरतें: Android 4.4+

रिपोर्ट: अनुपयुक्त के तौर पर फ्लैग करें

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