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1.0 by Smartcoach

Feb 29, 2016

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Pintar RAM Booster Pro adalah sebuah aplikasi yang mempercepat kinerja ponsel android Anda

***A Top 10 app in over 120 countries worldwide.***

Smart RAM Booster Pro is a utility app that speeds up your android phones performance just by the click of a button.It aims to take away the complexity of other task manager apps and provide the user with an easy to use and convenient interface.
By killing all unwanted background processes that use up memory and also clears cache for all apps not in use,Smart RAM Booster frees up precious memory (RAM) for use.if you have tones of apps open and your device is lagging ,this app will greatly improve your speed and performance.


- Easy to use:Lightweight, power-saving and simple; quickly releases memory and boosts your devices
- Totally free:All features are free
- Brand new UI and user-friendly interface: simple and easy-to-use interfaces
- Compatible with low-end phones: Supports lower Android versions and is compatible with small-screen phones

Features of this app :

- One-tap Boost: A single touch to speed up your devices and release memory
- Regular Cleaning: Automatically closes background apps, keeping your phone at best performance
- Whitelist: You can add frequently-used apps to your whitelist
- Home Screen Rocket Man: Brings you fun while clearing memory
Junk Clean
- Quickly Scan: Clears up cache with a single touch to free up space.
- Thorough Clearing: Full-scale scan deletes obsolete files.
App Manager
- App manager: Manages your apps and keeps the storage space organized
Intelligent Power Saving
- Battery Status: Detects battery status in real time and shows usage time
- Power-saving Mode: You can customize various modes or choose from four different modes to extend stand-by time
- It’s FREE!

How Smart RAM Booster works :

Smart RAM Booster does multiple things to boost your phone’s performance.

- It closes unwanted background tasks to release load from the processor. It also clear up the RAM and increase the free space.

- It also limits the http connections and gives priority to games. This will increase the online and multiplayer gaming performance.

Is your phone really slow?

Do you have to keep restarting and rebooting your phone all the time? Get Smart RAM Booster now and your phone will perform faster, smoother and quicker!

Smart RAM Booster is an easy and effective application for Android devices that will boost the speed of your phone considerably.

Simple to use, Smart RAM Booster kills tasks, frees up memory and optimizes your device speed. Just run the application to view a list of applications on your phone. You can select all the applications at once or individually, kill their process, free your phone memory and boost your Android device speed.

Apa yang baru dalam versi terbaru 1.0

Last updated on Feb 29, 2016

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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