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Qsync Pro for Android


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Qsync Pro Android is a mobile file synchronization application that allows you to access files and folders stored on your NAS using your mobile device.

- Android 5.0 or later
- A QNAP NAS running QTS 4.3.4 or later and Qsync Central

[Important Notes]
- You now can select subfolders when adding paired folders. (Note: If a folder’s parent or child folder is already paired, this folder cannot be paired again.)
- Support for one-way sync mode.
- Qsync Android has been replaced with a new app, Qsync Pro Android.

[Key Features]
- New user interface design.
- Pair folders on your NAS with folders on your mobile device with the Manage Paired Folders feature.
- View the connection details of your synchronized mobile device and NAS on the Overview screen.
- View the synchronization status of files on your mobile device on the Background Tasks screen.
- View files that have been successfully synchronized on the File Update Center screen.
- Specify file extensions that you want to exclude during synchronization with the Filter Settings feature.

Qsync Pro Memperbarui

[Fixed Issues]
Some QNAP ID accounts could not display the NAS list after users logged in.

Additional Information

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