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Math: Exercises Generator

1.42.1 for Android

Arkadiusz Kwiatkowski

Penjabaran dari Math: Exercises Generator

Math: Exercises Generator app generates random exercises for a selected subject, providing a result and full solution steps for each of them. It also contains a short introduction (tutorial) into each matter. Math problems at the level of high school and college.

Result and solution are initially hidden. Try to solve a problem yourself and check correctness.

Use Math: Exercises Generator application before a test or exam or when you have troubles in math solving. Compare solutions yourself instead of paying a tutor.

If you are a teacher you can use an application to quickly prepare a homework or test questions for your students.

Every month there is an app update with new math problems and subjects. Currently available categories are listed below.

- unit prefixes,
- exponent rules,
- radical rules,
- scientific notation,
- prime factorization,
- Roman numerals,
- repeating decimal,
- rationalizing the denominator,
- comparing radicals and integers,
- absolute value,
- short multiplication formulas,

Linear equation systems:
- determinants method,
- elimination method,
- substitution method,

Quadratic formulas:
- quadratic equations,
- Vieta's formulas,
- vertex form of quadratic function,
- intercept form of quadratic function,
- biquadratic equation,

- factoring by grouping,
- integer root theorem,
- rational root theorem,
- polynomial by binomial division,
- Horner's method,

- arithmetic progression,
- arithmetic series,
- geometric progression,
- geometric series,
- infinite geometric series,

- definition of logarithm,
- sum and difference of logarithms,
- change of base,
- power rule,
- logarithm rules,

- degrees and radians,
- relation between trigonometric functions,
- reduction formulas (shifts and reflections),
- sum and difference identities,

- binomial coefficient,

- arithmetic mean,
- median,
- variance and standard deviation,
- mode,
- weighted arithmetic mean,

- tautology,

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Comparing radicals and integers

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Uploaded by: Ar Kar

Versi Terbaru: 1.42.1Permintaan Math: Exercises Generator Update

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Persyaratan: Android 4.1+

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