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Real Time Medical Inc.

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COVID AIKnowledgeEnable or COVIDKE for short is specifically designed to help physicians, healthcare professionals and the general public make better-informed decisions for their patients, their families, and themselves. COVIDKE is available for all mobile platforms and desktop browsers.

Users benefit from seeing information right from the original source and how physicians and their peers have evaluated that information, along with any comments, insights, or recommendations they may have about a particular finding. Physicians can collaborate in real-time on the latest findings, sharing their insights, in one integrated platform.

There are hundreds of new scientific findings in every medical discipline, published every day. During this pandemic, you can multiply that by a factor of 10. With the support of the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program, Real Time Medical (RTM) developed the underlying technology of AI KnowledgeEnable in 2019 to help physicians keep up with the latest findings. When COVID hit in 2020, RTM realized they could put that power into the hands of physicians and the general public to help “cut through the COVID information clutter”.

Overlaid with the latest federal health guidelines, COVID AIKnowledgeEnable is an effective weapon in the global fight against COVID-19, arming healthcare professionals and the public alike with the information they need to make the right decisions from trusted medical data sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet, and others. Only trusted, peer-reviewed data sources are used.

As economies reopen, one key to managing the pandemic and getting the global economy back on its feet will be to educate medical professionals, policy-makers, and the public to help them make better-informed decisions as the situation evolves over time.

COVIDKE for short is an AI-assisted information location tool that allows users to engage in research and education by helping them to locate trustworthy medical articles and other resources where such content is already available on the internet. The application’s features, including ratings and commentary from healthcare professionals, assist users in determining which articles will be most helpful to them.

Clinicians and the public will also be able to use an updated version of COVID AIKnowledgeEnable to research the latest data on ANY medical symptom or ailment they choose – not just COVID-19.

About Us

Real Time Medical Inc. (RTM) has operated as a tele-medicine and healthcare innovation company for over 13 years, developing software platforms to improve the quality and accuracy of service delivery to medical professionals and their patients in Canada, the United States and countries around the world.


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