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ConsumerBreak® features interactive jigsaw-style puzzle contests that showcase fan content, brand education, holidays, and more. Puzzles take less than a minute to solve for most people by tapping to rotate pieces and dragging them into place. You have ten attempts to record your fastest time score on the last level of each game to rank on a leaderboard against all other players who solved the puzzle.

There’s a new game daily, weekly, and monthly (with bonus games unlocked from a monthly scavenger hunt / riddle-based QuestBreak™). We constantly feature fan submitted pics in the puzzles too - just join our Facebook group and get as involved as you want!⁣

Occasional sponsored contests award real cash to top players, along with free merch and discounts or other sponsored products and services. Concluded prize leaderboards are divided into 5 “Skill Rank” tiers that have you only competing against others of the same general skill range, and prizes are paid out after contest conclusion to top scores of each tier. No waiting to cash out, no minimum amount to build up to, and all prizes are at least $1. See more details and past winners lists & leaderboards at our WINNERS page. Push notifications are sent whenever any prize contest goes live!

ConsumerBreak® Phase 1 has concluded.

We ran hundreds of contests and paid out over 61,000 prizes totaling over $100,000 to over 4,600 winners across the country from 12/18/19 - 1/10/21 as part of our crazy year-long proof of concept experiment.

Thank you for creating an awesome fan community over the year and for your continued participation and support even as we pivot and start a new chapter. You guys are what makes this all possible!

Although we can't continue on the same prize schedule from investments alone, we have enough of a community base to keep the games coming for fun and pivoting to the next stage. We'll be using all this feedback and data to revamp the app completely, adding new better features to make the game more fun and addicting, and recruiting sponsors and adding value for them to keep the whole machine running and bring prizes back.

And of course incorporating as much content on the puzzles as you are willing to participate on! As we grow and sell sponsorships, we'll send push notifications to come play for cash! (so turn those on)

~ BRANDS: Get featured or host your own puzzle contests - contact us at

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Kategori: Gratis Teka-teki PERMAINAN

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Uploaded by: Manu Flores

Versi Terbaru: 1.0.19Permintaan ConsumerBreak Update

Available on: Mendapatkan ConsumerBreak di Google Play

Persyaratan: Android 6.0+

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