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May 20, 2024

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Epic heroes turn-based RPG.

Embark on a warrior games and magic role play adventure in Age of Magic! A world thrown into an era of chaos by the war between good and evil,where you can join the fight either as a divine crusader knight or as a demon from the legions of darkness! Grab your excalibur and embrace the power of might and magic in this epic PvP/PvE strategy RPG, a true classic rpg experience.

Assemble a team of elite heroes - from warriors to wizards, elves to warlords, and everything in between - and engage in turn-based combat that rivals the strategic depth. Choose to align with either the forces of light or darkness as you embark on epic campaigns in this adventure rpg, where you'll be tasked with restoring balance to a shattered world.

Take on the all-original, magic heroquest of the light campaign, assemble a divine and mighty party from a whole kingdom of heroes and dominate evil demons in fighting RPG combat. Bring a deadfall of reckoning upon the eternal evolution of darkness. For honor in knight games with swords and souls!

Travel a path of exile within the cold, dark campaign in turn based RPG adventure games! Construct a guild of heroes of darkened souls, demons, and other esteemed hero hunters, then use them to awaken an aeon of warfare and become a dungeon hunter! Follow in the footsteps of the Beast and see what legacy you can leave as a nonstop knight. Which so-called dungeon boss will be your next fatality? Darkness rises in midevil games!

Join forces with other heroic dungeon crawlers online to conquer epic squad games, defeat enemies, and take on other players in roleplay PvP tournaments and arenas in turn-based arenas. Rise through the ranks in level up games and show your might as you lead your squad to victory in this epic battle fantasy.

⭐️⭐️ Age of Magic turn based games adventure features: ⭐️⭐️

🛡 PvE story campaigns from multiple perspectives!

⚔️ PvP tournaments, arenas, and more in turn based games!

🏰 Friends, clans, guilds, raids, and rewards in rpg games adventure!

😈 Demons, angels, shadows, legends, combat magic, war, dragons rpg and more!

📅 Special fantasy events with incredible prizes in PvE quest games!

⏱ Fast-paced and strategic battles in strategy games rpg!

📈 Collect unique heroes, gain experience to level them up and equip them with different items in new rpg!

Build a collection of heroes in pve games, equip them with powerful items, and level them up to unleash their full potential in battle in fantasy games. Join a clan in war rpg, participate in raids, war dragons just like a nonstop knight and lead your strike force to victory in fantasy rpg just like dark summoner.

Become a legend fighter on turn based arena and dungeon master in the world of magic! Age of Magic magic games rpg maker role playing features fast-paced and strategic battles like in age of mythology, special fantasy events of summoning games with incredible prizes, and a wealth of heroes, heroquest, might and magic, demons dungeon hunter, legends, and arcane magic to explore in rpg games offline. Test your skills against other players in competitive action games rpg multiplayer turn based rpg games!

Experience the essence of turn based rpg and fantasy games, as you rise from humble beginnings in fantasy games and epic battle fantasy to become a legendary warrior just like in heroes of might and magic & might and magic, a master of magic, or a cunning strategist in turn based strategy. The choices you make and the battles you win will in fantasy rpg & dungeon games determine your place in the annals of Age of Magic turn based power games.

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Last updated on May 20, 2024

Team up with Capfei to save Arrat's anniversary, the Days of Greatness, from the scheming bloodthirsty beasts of the Cradle of Chaos. Meet Superia in the Pride & Perfection event!

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