Über Tower Fever


Maximal stapeln!

Stack and stack even more, keep breaking your high score and reach the sky! The addiction and satisfaction from finding the perfect rhythm and getting high combo is undeniable.

With a casual vibe, this game is a perfect companion when you have short free time to chill and relax alone or with friends.

- 4 modes with different types of challenges to keep your - playtime varied.
- Simplistic yet stylistic art style
- 20+ Themes to make the game visually more varied
- Share your high score in social media to show how awesome your skill is
- Leaderboard for those with a competitive heart

Was ist neu in der neuesten Version 1.0

Last updated on Feb 23, 2020

Global Release of Tower Fever!
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Tower Fever Update anfordern 1.0

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Feb 17, 2020

Von hochgeladen

Alif Maulana

Erforderliche Android-Version

Android 4.1+

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