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Room Temperature

2.21.12 for Android
Morsol Studio
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Die Beschreibung von Thermometer

Thermometer Room Temperature Indoor, Outdoor app measure temperature in Celsius, Kelvin, and Fahrenheit. Inside and outside temperature, humidity, wind speed and weather status display. Phone thermometer app easily displays room temperature for your comfort.

Temperature unit type °C or °F can be switched from the menu or by touching the unit sign. Our digital thermometer app uses built-in sensors to get current ambient temperature in your room in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. Application works fast and accurate so you can rely on its measurements. Sometimes there is a need for calibration, so please leave your phone on a flat place, without touching it. Calibration will complete and you will see actual temperature in your room. Tool shows temp in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.

Thermostat app monitor your current temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin. Air thermometer detect temperatur in New York. Free Temperature App for Phone Temperature in California can measure maximum temp in UK/USA. You can measure today temperature live using this realtime temperature monitoring app. Now days we face room heat problems so now we can easily track temperatures using this temp detector highest temperature problems. This temperature Sensor app can measure lowest temperature using this heat sensor app. If you have any temperature question you can contact us. Thermometer for Room Temp reading app also have temperature calibration options according to device temperature using this heat thermometer app.

Measure home temperature in unit type Celsius (°C), Fahrenheit (°F) and Kelvin (°K).
Measure indoor room temperature and outdoor temperature and humidity based on your location.
Simple thermometer or Digital Thermometer for room temp checker measures ambient temperature indoor and outdoor.
Room Temperature Meter app
- Measures room temperature.
- For a better precision, thermometer application uses integrated sensor to measure inside temperature.
- Localization allows to get outside temperature.
- Measures units are Celsius, Fahrenheit and kelvin.
- Hygrometer measures humidity

How to check current temperature meter for room?
1. You just need to open the app and wait 1-2 seconds.
2. Turn on the internet and the navigation device will return you the weather where you live
3. Check actual house temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit!

For the external thermometer to work, an internet connection is necessary to be able to collect the data.
Because Thermometer | Hygrometer App | Barometer App | Weather Temperature App Now measure temperature and humidity according to location, please allow the turned position.

Important! : For accurate results, leave your phone without use about 5-10 minutes. Then it will give you the correct indoor temperature. When your phone is in use the battery warms up and temperature is measured higher than real.

Thermometer 2.21.12 Aktualisieren

>Bugs are removed
>Added Battery and CPU Temperature
>Auto Temperature updater added
>Added Sunrise and Sunset time with beautiful animation
>Temperature calibration feature added you can adjust temperature scale according to your device!

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