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Magic. Conspiracies. Privorot. Spells. Rituals.

1.98 for Android


Die Beschreibung von Magic. Conspiracies. Privorot. Spells. Rituals.

Magic, charms for every occasion, incantations, prayers, omens and lapels, prisushki, corruption and the evil eye, spells, rituals, mantras, divination and witchcraft, talismans and charms, rituals, and it is not the whole list that contains our application.

What is white magic? Many people ask themselves this question. What is the difference between black and white magic?
Our application tells about white magic & black magic, spells, prayers.
And in order to be happy, there are charms and rituals, rituals and protection charms, women and love magic, magic money.
What did not happen to us every day. To go out with no problem from any situation winner, use charms for all occasions. It is necessary to memorize them by heart. Before a person opens a huge opportunity. With the help of magic you can find and win the love, get good luck, wealth, preserve the beauty. You will be able to take revenge on his enemies and help friends. All this is available for someone who is not afraid to engage in the art of black and white magic. Many plots are short, do not require special rituals. They can be spoken at work, on public transport. Help yourself with the help of your strength. It is not necessary to be a strong practitioner, these words of power are suitable for beginners.

All the information is divided into categories such as.


white magic spells and rituals
application content:
white magic
black magic


spells / rituals
love spells rituals
cast money spells
cast love spells
real love spells that work
love potions and spells
magic spells
fortune teller free



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Magic. Conspiracies. Privorot. Spells. Rituals. 1.98 Aktualisieren

- Bug fixes
- Optimized search
- Added plots
- Added prayers
- Added spells

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