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試作十五型 for Android

2ZZ tiny tools Lab.

Die Beschreibung von KiguchilizeX(G) KEMONO FRIENDS

KEMONO FRIENDS An icon changing application.
It's possible to change an icon of a HOME screen in KEMONO FRIENDS icon.
*The icon design is Ms.Kiguchi.

A language of an app is English and Japanese.

Function and feature
✓ The icon of a home screen can be changed.
✓ It can be used by the present home application. *1
✓ Perfect no charge
✓ Corresponding to an icon pack. *2
*1 It can't sometimes correspond by the HOME application you're using.
*2 Please check the HOME app which corresponds.

1 An app of the purpose is chosen from a list.
2 FIENDS Icon who likes is chosen.
3 After pushing "ICON MAKING", I return to HOME. If an icon is made, it's success.

When an icon can't be made
There is a case that the HOME application you're using (launcher) can't make an icon. Please try change in the icon name by the next way.
* The name of the icon is changed.(For inserting a blank in in front of the name and the back.)
* A check box is turned on. (The name of the icon is made friends.)
-When using standard HOME made by FREETEL company, an icon can be made by this way. It may also be possible by HUAWEI company terminal (If there is a person who succeeded, please tell me by all means.)
-An icon is made a category of a short cut in case of a little previous terminal made of sharp (OS 4.x system).
-When an icon can't be made even if the icon name is changed, I think a HOME application doesn't correspond. Please consider change in the HOME application in that case. I'll recommend you Nova Launcher.

In case of HUAWEI
An icon of the same name can't be made.
An application of the purpose is stored up in a drawer for whether the application name is changed.
For example change in the application name should add a blank.
The way to stock an application in a drawer is possible by Android 7.0. The setting of EMUI is changed and it's made a drawer style.
When stocking an application of the purpose in a drawer, an icon can be made.
It's done in the state which has no icons of an application in *HOME.

Operations check HOME app
〇Microsoft Launcher (Microsoft Corporation)
〇Nova Launcher(TeslaCoil Software)
〇Google Now Launcher(Google Inc.)
〇GOLauncherEX(GO Dev Team @ Android)
〇Apex Launcher (Android Does)
〇ZenUI Launcher(ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc.)
〇Solo Launcher(newborntown)
△Smart Luncher(Smart Launcher Team) *An icon pack can be used.
△HUAWEI EMUI *Please see In case of HUAWEI

Icon pack
Correspondence HOME application
✔Nova Launcher Home (TeslaCoil Software)
✔Apex Launcher (Android Does)
✔Smart Luncher (Smart Launcher Team)
*Using the Icon pack, you can use the Android 8.0 shortcut.

When needing support, mail it or to Twitter (@NewExperienceX), please.

The material used in this application production. Thank you very much for an offer of the wonderful material.
- アイコン画像 木口様(@Kiguchi1902) / けものフレンズアイコンまとめ
- にゃしぃフォント改二 / 製作 マルセ様 / よく飛ばない鳥

※ You can't play a game by this app.

KiguchilizeX(G) KEMONO FRIENDS 試作十五型 Aktualisieren

2019/10/12 試作十五型 ver.15
- Added support for Microsoft launcher icon pack

2018/9/24 試作十四型 ver.14
- Friends icon added
- Small icon change(Android 8.0)

Can't an icon be made?
Please read an explanation. There is also information in menu-help(FAQ about icon making).
*When using in android 8.0, please refer to help.

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Kategorie: Gratis Personalisierung APP


Uploaded by: Martha Mayo Benitez

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Available on: Erhalt KiguchilizeX(G) KEMONO FRIENDS auf Google Play

Anforderungen: Android 4.0+

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