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Fotobearbeitungs-App zum Erstellen von Glitch-Bildern und Glitch-Videos.

Do you want to turn your photos into stunning Glitch Art & Trippy effects? Glitch Me - Glitch Video Maker,Glitch Image Effect will help you to do that.
It contains powerful tools to create limitless different combinations and variations of glitches.

Hype up your stories with insanely cool glitch effects, Vaporwave effects, and VHS effects. Turn your video into a psychedelic or vaporwave modern digital aesthetic masterpieces.

Glitch Me - Glitch Video Maker,Glitch Image Effect allows you to take picture and edit it after, make sure you have allowed camera permission the application, then you can glitch your taken picture.

Record aesthetic and trippy videos with numerous powerful real-time video filters, ranging from RGB glitches, VHS, trippy, sketch, grainy, pixelated filters, to vaporwave effects.

This is a wonderful app to help artists to create the most unique and perfect glitch and vaporwave retro videos.

Glitch Me - Glitch Video Maker,Glitch Image Effect helps you to make awesome glitch effects images and also you can record a video in different cool trippy effects. The Glitch effects are very cool
and looks like all the way from 90's.

Just turn your phone into a vintage camcorder with glitch VHS effects.

Glitch Me - Glitch Video Maker,Glitch Image Effect Features :-

- free at all glitch effects
- Awesome Glitche App
- Cool 90's Glitch Editor
- Image Glitcher
- Glitch Video Camera
- just a One Tap Glitch
- adjust the effect frequency
- Record the best Trippy Effects
- multiple cool glitch effects
- Multi Effect VHS Camcorder
- Trippy Photo Filters
- 3D Glitch Photo Effects
- Glitch Art Effect
- Vaporwave Effect
- ZX Spectrum Effect
- VHS effect with VHS Camcorder
- VHS glitch camera
- 3D Anaglyph Effect
- psychedelic camera
- Aesthetic Filters
- Stunning glitch art generator

Glitch Me - Glitch Video Maker,Glitch Image Effect can export your image to gallery, or share it to other app like instagram, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, etc.

So, Download Glitch Me - Glitch Video Maker,Glitch Image Effect app now and generate the best trippy effects using this glitche app and share you Glitch with your friends on social media.

If you like Glitch Me - Glitch Video Maker,Glitch Image Effect app , take a minute to rate and review this app. this will be best compliment.

Please give feedback and suggestion to make this app better. we are trying our best to improve the user experience.

Write us for feedbacks and suggestions to ::: csinfotech04@gmail.com we always happy to hear from you.

Was ist neu in der neuesten Version 1.2

Last updated on Oct 31, 2018

Update with more effects in Glitch Video Maker Effects.
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