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0.4.2 for Android


Die Beschreibung von Freedoom

Update: Now includes John Romero's "Sigil" map pack (wad)

Why Freedoom?

While the game engine for everyone's favorite 1993 game and its many sequels are open-source, most of its "assets" including textures, sounds, and game levels are copyrighted.

The Freedoom project offers an alternative, original, and community created set of assets and game levels that open source. Combined with the open source game engine, this makes for an entirely free and open source game.

In addition, this app is compatible with most fan made "WADs" (game levels) in the idgames archive.

This app is a fork of nvllsvm's GZDoom-Android port

Most custom wads can be played by:
1. place them under Freedoom/config/wads
2. Select the desired wad from the main screen by pressing "Addons", "WADS", then your desired wad
3. press "OK", then select the main game resource file to use (usually freedoom2.wad)
4. press "Launch"
5. start a "new game" as usual, but you will go to custom level instead of the normal first level of the game
6. (alternate) some levels replace other maps than the first one in the game and may require use of a warp command or special launch argument (such as -warp 3 1) to get to it

Full game iwads should be placed in Freedoom/config next to freedoom1.wad and freedoom2.wad

Game mods should be placed in Freedoom/config/mods


This project is not affiliated with Id Software or parent companies, Bethesda, or any relevant publishing companies.

More info:

Critically Acclaimed Add-on Levels:

Installation guide for a popular mod (Brutal):

Freedoom 0.4.2 Aktualisieren

Added 10sectors.wad and 10sectors2.wad, two level packs of close quarters brutality where guns, enemies, and ammo are packed tight. Get ready.

Additional Information

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Anforderungen: Android 5.0+

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