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Build Your Own R2-D2

1.1.21_release for Android

De Agostini Publishing Italia S.p.A.

Die Beschreibung von Build Your Own R2-D2

- Use with Build Your Own R2-D2 to control his functions and see his camera view. This app works with DeAgostini's Build Your Own R2-D2 and gives access to the droid's advanced functions. It will only operate when your R2-D2 has been fully assembled and powered up. Once the app is installed on your smartphone, you have two ways to pair it with R2-D2. You can either connect it directly to his internal router (Direct mode), or connect both devices via a local Wifi network (Local mode). To go into Local mode, you teach R2-D2 the Wifi connection of the area he is in using a unique QR code, which he will read using his camera.

In either connection mode, you have a choice of Video or Normal Control:

- When Video Control is on, your smartphone screen displays the view from R2-D2's camera, which will change as you drive him around or turn his head. A set of remote controls are superimposed at the bottom. You can capture still pictures or video from his point of view, storing the images in a Gallery within the app or copying them to the library on your phone. You also have a scrollable menu of automatic routines, which include being able to set him exploring his surroundings in an autonomous Patrol mode, turning on his lights and sounds, ejecting a lightsaber, and displaying video clips from his projector.

- When Normal Control is on, your smartphone operates like a conventional remote control, so you can watch as you direct R2-D2 around his environment. You also have access to the same automatic routines as in Video Control.

- An additional Settings control enables you to turn on voice control so that R2-D2 will respond to a range of spoken commands. Turning on facial recognition allows him to pick out a human face from the background and turn to follow it. You can also turn R2-D2's sound effects on or off.

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Uploaded by: Lukas Fontes

Aktuelle Version: 1.1.21_releaseBuild Your Own R2-D2 Update anfordern

Available on: Erhalt Build Your Own R2-D2 auf Google Play

Anforderungen: Android 4.4+

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