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Ein Edutainment-Kanal für Vorschulkinder im modernen Standardarabisch

The official App of Baraem includes a variety of special international programs for preschoolers as well as songs and popular stories in Modern Standard Arabic. The characters of such stories are the beloved characters of Baraem, such as FAFA, Teela Toola, and Rosie. In addition, the App provides live streaming of the channel in the Middle East and North Africa. Our vision is to educate and inspire Arab families all over the world. The content of Baraem as well as Baraem App is carefully selected to motivate children and help them interact effectively with the world around them.

Children will enjoy a safe and enjoyable content when accessing this easy-to-use App through which they can search for whatever they want. The App includes several edutainment programs that provide children with important and useful lessons at the early stages of childhood. What’s more, there is a section dedicated to parents to provide them with better understanding of the content; and to help them make best use of its educational aspects.

Welcome to Baraem’s world! A world full of learning and fun! Baraem and its App provide an edutainment content for your children, which has been carefully selected by education experts. The content provides children with the essential life skills they need to develop at this age to help them succeed at school and in everyday life. The content has been designed to inspire and motivate your children. Using Modern Standard Arabic is our main target to encourage children to learn and love their mother tongue from early childhood as well as to appreciate their Arabic culture.

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Last updated on Jul 25, 2019

Now you can manage your connected devices

You can easily switch between English and Arabic languages

Bug fixes and general improvements
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