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The game Ultimate Ninja Kizuna Drive Heroes goes by its own unique story that takes place immediately after the Akatsuki Suppression Mission,

and it begins the Itachi Pursuit Mission.

It tells the story of Yumegakure, originally nothing more than the hidden village of a tiny country.

It became known for its control of a massive guardian beast, called the Three-Heads.

That power made it superior even to the five great nations.

It formed a pact of peace with Konohagakure, and the two became allies.

That alliance has kept balance among the nations, keeping each in check.

However, one night someone who appears to be Narut Uzumaki is seen moving along the rooftops of the village with a sinister smile on his face.

As he places a tag on his face, the power of the Nine-Tails is released and he completely transforms.

The Nine-Tails then fires a huge blast of chakra directly at the village, resulting in an enormous explosion that destroys most of the village and sets it ablaze.

Itachi Uchiha is then seen observing the burning village as the villagers run in panic.

Higher up, two shinobi, Yomito and Taisa are seen with their sorrow for their village, but a kunoichi, named Ryuka, encourages the three of them to go fight it.

They are, however, stopped by the village chief, Enzo, who states they could not possibly defeat it.

As he expresses anger that Konoha has betrayed them, a man, named Gensui, looms over the burning village and confronts the beast.

As it fires another immense chakra blast, Gensui sends out a storm of sealing tags to counter the blast.

He then rushes at the beast with a massive explosive tag as it prepares to fire another blast and the scene fades white with Gensui having supposedly perished.

Danzō Shimura is later seen discussing a plan with a shadowed figure, stating that the rest is up to him.

After some time, a series of kidnappings of Konoha ninja begin occurring.

Team Kakashi, with Shikamaru replacing Sai, are sent on a special mission to look for clues at the Blue Fire Falls where a Konoha chūnin was abducted most recently.

After fighting off some wild dogs, they find a backpack lying on the grass but they quickly get surrounded by a group of bandits who order them not to touch the pack.

After defeat, the bandits retreat down to the river and Team Kakashi follows. After clearing out all the bandits, the leader appears before Team Kakashi.

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