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I.C.E. Lock

1.5 for Android

Dave O'Brien

I.C.E. Lock

Note: May not work on Xiaomi phones (and other brands that change how Android notifications work). Please contact me if you can't get your info to appear on your lock screen.

I.C.E. Lock is a simple, free app that lets you show your emergency info on your phone's existing lockscreen.

It's like a Medic Alert bracelet for your phone - emergency responders can see the emergency info they need, even if you're unconscious, and even if your phone is locked. But they don't have full access to your phone, because you've locked it like you normally do.

Unlike other emergency apps, I.C.E. Lock does not make you install a custom lock screen. It works with your current security, so you can keep your lock screen looking just the way you want it to.

I.C.E. Lock does this by showing your emergency info as an ongoing "notification", just like those used for incoming emails, texts, and so on. But this notification is always there - it won't go away unless you decide to turn it off. And it stays out of the way, using a lower priority setting than other notifications.

Until you touch it, the notification simply shows "My Emergency Info - swipe down for more".

If someone swipes down, your emergency details are shown - a large headline and up to 6 or 7 lines of smaller text. If your phone is locked, that's all they can see. If your phone is unlocked, they can tap for more information that you control.

Setting up I.C.E. Lock is very simple:
- Enter the emergency info that you want to be shown on your lock screen.
- Preview the notification until you get it looking the way you want.
- That's it!

Once set up, this app needs no further attention. The notification will appear on your status bar and your lock screen, even if you reboot your phone. It will keep doing its job unless you decide to turn it off.

Best of all, I.C.E. Lock is FREE with NO ADS. I created it for my own use, and I thought other people might find it handy too.

This app was developed using B4A by Anywhere Software.

I.C.E. Lock 1.5 更新

- Can now customise all visible text in notification
- Removed notification badge from app icon (Android 8+)
- Updated icons

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最新版本: 1.5请求 I.C.E. Lock 更新

来源: I.C.E. Lock 来源 Google Play

系统要求: Android 5.0+

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