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3.1.5 for Android

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Trucker's Slide Calc just got better!
- User interface redesigned and rewritten for a better experience with less bugs.
- Slide suggestions are more standardized.
- Users can now set an "allowable overage" weight. For example, if an overage of 100 lbs is allowed, a 34,000 lb limited axle can weigh 34,100 lbs when we calculate the suggestion.
- Users who pay to remove ads are now "Plus" users.
- Plus users can now choose to maximize trailer weight. Great for heavy, fuel-limiting, loads or improving turn radius.

Enter your axle weights (platform scale or individual axles) and the app calculates how much each axle is over or under, including gross. Then click to get a suggestions and it tells you where to slide. It's that easy.

Hole #1 is the hole closest to the front of the trailer. Then count up as you move backwards towards the tandem axle's first pin.

Trucker's Slide Calc uses a computer algorithm to simulate your axle weights at each hole. It then picks the best hole for the situation.

Having Drives and Trailers balanced saves you fuel and money, so the app tries to do this first: putting slightly more weight on your drives for traction and fuel burn.

If equally balancing the axles makes an axle go over limit, the app will elect to keep the axles legal but out of perfect balance.

Last, if every axle can't be legal at the same time, the app automatically suggests a hole where your trailers will be just under their limit, and puts the rest of the weight on your drives. That way you can remove the extra fuel and get legal before a DOT Scale.

Here is a real-life example from one of our users: The driver got a load of onions on a 53' Refer Semi. He went to a CAT Scale, got the scale ticket, and entered the weights into the app...

1st CAT Scale: @ hole 4
Steers : 11,780
Drives: 32,480
Trailers: 35,160

Our axle slide calculator told him to slide forward 3 holes and go directly to hole 7. It estimated that his axles would then weigh...

Calculated Axle Weights: @ hole 7
Drives: 33,675
Trailers: 33,965

He slid his tandems to hole 7 and re-weighed his truck. The results made him excited enough to tell us his story...

2nd CAT Scale: @ hole 7
Steers: 11,800
Drives: 33,740
Trailers: 33,880

Only 65 lbs off on his Drives and 85 lbs off on his trailers. That's over 99.5% accuracy. Pretty awesome if you ask us! We truly believe that we have the best axle-weight calculator out there. And it's free!

Disclaimer: Bridge and Kingpin-to-Rear-Axle Laws are not considered in this application. Remember, even if you use this app, it is your responsibility to ensure that your load complies with all federal and local laws.

Tandem slide made simple.

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Bug fixes and performance improvements
Added dark theme
Updated graphics

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