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Free - Diagram Tool

0.98.4_beta for Android

A descrição de NodeScape

Make diagrams efficiently with advanced snapping and style-based editing.

NodeScape is a diagram-creation and brainstorming tool that:
* Facilitates efficient capture of ideas into diagram form on portable devices.
* Provides a fluid, touch-optimized interface designed to enable precision without a stylus or grid even on small devices.
* Allows quick brainstorming while keeping out of the way of your thought process. Once your ideas are captured, you can clarify them with logical grouping and aesthetic adjustments.
* Maximizes the amount of screen space available for drawing your diagrams.

1. Fast creation of many diagram types: block, flowcharts, data flow, mindmaps, org charts, logic, fsm, venn, etc...
2. Style-based formatting allows you to organize the aesthetics of your diagrams separate from the content.
3. Highly configurable user interface, since fingers and screens come in all shapes and sizes
4. Powerful snapping makes it easy to align objects and connections without being constrained to a grid.
5. Numerous accelerators speed up your workflow so you can get ideas down before you forget them.
6. Adaptive frames add visual organization to diagrams and can grow and shrink automatically even while you work.
7. Flexible connection points can connect anywhere (not just at predetermined points or grid points) allowing any number of connections between any set of blocks.
8. Customizable style-presets allow you to start working as soon as an idea pops up. Create your own presets to keep your diagram's looking consistent.
9. Render your diagrams to images for inclusion in documents, presentations, and more.
10. Built-in help screens get new users up to speed quickly and remain available as a reference.
11. Your data belongs to you so diagrams are stored as plain files! Share, organize, and backup you're work using any file manager without cumbersome import/export procedures.
12. Using a mouse/keyboard? Zoom with the mouse wheel (HoneyComb 3.0+) and get instant menus with right-click (ICS 4.0+).

NOTE: NodeScape is still under heavy development. If you find bugs/glitches or have thoughts on improvement, feel free to submit them through the app's help page.

MAJOR UPDATES: Sometimes major updates can also introduce new bugs/crashes on certain device configurations. If this happens to you, you can get/use the previous version at the bottom of the app website's front-page (provided below) until it is fixed.

The free release is fully functional and there are no limits on number of drawings or drawing complexity, etc.; however, it is ad-supported and puts an unobtrusive watermark on smaller exported images and a slightly more obtrusive watermark on larger exported images.

A Pro version is available which:
- removes the ads and watermarks.
- Supports SVG/DOT/GraphML/MM Export

If you like NodeScape, please consider supporting development by purchasing the pro version!

Write External Storage -- Needed to save files
Internet and Access Network State -- Ads
For more information, visit the website at

NodeScape 0.98.4_beta Atualizar

- incorrect RTL display
- more crashes on state changes (orientation)
- loss of undo stack on state changes
- joint circles showing up in export
- export/save related crashes

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Enviado por: Honny Jadi

Requer Android: Android 2.2+

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