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Largest HD Wallpaper Gallery/Search Engine

1.1.0 for Android

Graphikerr Studios

A descrição de Drops

Tired of shifting through multiple wallpaper apps? Presenting Drops, the largest wallpaper search engine. The go-to reserve for all your needs.

Want a cool wallpaper to replace your current one?

Tired of the standard, limited wallpaper collection offered by your device?

Want to regularly switch between great wallpapers for fresh experiences on your device?

Looking to impress through an eloquent taste in wallpaper?

Seeking to reduce the time you spend browsing wallpapers via different sources?

Require an efficient repository of your favourite prospective wallpaper images?

Need a simple, succinct solution to all of your wallpaper woes?

Look no more! Drops is YOUR ideal solution.

Your wallpaper is the first thing a close friend, family member or colleague notices about your device. Your choice in wallpaper often provides strong insights into your personality, whether or not intended. A good wallpaper can greatly affect your first impression. That said, wallpapers are an excellent way to express yourself. With Drops, we can help you make that happen!

The most extensive collection of wallpapers available on the Play Store, Drops has a wallpaper for everybody, whatever the occasion. Utilising specialised software, this app makes easy the daunting task of choosing your wallpaper, conveniently organising thousands of quality images into assimilated collections. Drops presents an effective alternative to scouring the Play Store or the internet for your preferred type and style of wallpaper.

Fret not over the inability to find an image you need any longer. Drops is your one stop shop for every wallpaper theme you will ever desire!

Choose From Over 17k Wallpapers

Drops boasts a huge aggregation of wallpapers collected from varied, multiple sources for an extensive, non exhaustive compilation of quality wallpapers, all verified by our community. Everything from A to Z, from Angels to Science, Drops allows you to access them all.

Browsing Made Easy

Drops associates keywords with every image and systematically arranges them into collections by theme. Allows for a simple, effective, hassle-free search for your ideal wallpaper. Simply select a collection or enter a keyword in the search bar to view a plethora of relevant images catering to your particular demand.

Simplified Storage for Your Favourite Wallpapers

No longer do you have to go through the time consuming pain of individually seeking out and downloading prospective wallpaper options and having to mentally retain when you downloaded it to find it in your gallery. Merely tap on a heart option at the corner of a wallpaper you like and easily come back to it later in the Favourites tab.

Data And Speed Friendly

Drops by default (Customisable in settings) loads images at the optimum resolution to save data and boost browsing speed, sparing you the frustration of waiting for images to buffer. Download wallpapers in HD only if appealing.

User-Friendly and Customizable

Designed for your benefit, Drops provides a range of customisable features for you to tweak as per your preference. As an aesthetics based service, it’s no surprise that Drops allows you to choose from several UI themes. Choose the number of wallpaper columns you desire, storage location for your downloaded wallpapers and enable animations, all as per your need.

Efficient, succinct and simple, Drops is guaranteed to serve all your wallpaper needs, whatever your Android device. All for free.

Drops 1.1.0 Atualizar

A lot new wallpapers!

And I am too tired to write the entire changelog. Sorry.

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Categoria: Grátis Personalização APP

Data de publicação:

Enviado por: Santiago Posso

Última versão: 1.1.0Pedido Drops Atualização

Available on: Obter Drops no Google Play

Requerimentos: Android 4.4W+

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