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Nov 13, 2023

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Killing war game online on battlefield with friends! Fun army shooter gun games!

Meet new free army shooting games Code of War! Online cross-platform third-person shooter with players from all over the world!

Lots of skins for characters and weapons, be unique in your style!

Code of War it's a cross-platform multiplayer shooter gun game

If you a fan of the good old online shooting gun games. Your military call of duty is here on a mobile device or tablet.

The enemy is approaching. You received the call of saving the people. Now need to counter strike action.

One of the best cross-platform multiplayer online shooter experience gaming.

Jaw-dropping graphics and FPS optimization, especially on low-performing devices.

Two teams fight for domination on the battlefield! It’s time to blitz the target! Become the god of military war gaming.

You can unlock 3D guns when you rank up, improve your strength, speed, health to become a true winner in shooting games online


Play in battle modes for solo and team matches! Become the bullet panzer or sniper.

Join Clans all around the world!

Shoot and win in one of the best online multiplayer army games where you create your own rules!

Train map, Aztec temple, secret city and more. Survive on the military battlefield. Try shooter mode or tank rush. Choose tactics and find your enemy’s weak spots!

Use More than 30 types of guns, rifles, grenades, landmines, body armors, and weapon skins! Face the battlefield in a complete set of weapons and protection. Play and unlock incredible gun weapons and gadgets.

Try a perfect optimization, even on weak devices helps you to take control of the battlefield, deal with the conflict as a real machine. High FPS helps you to become the best sniper in this action battlefield.

Beautiful graphics! You have never seen so realistic guns in a multiplayer shooter. Do you have a low performing device? Mobile or tablet? Don't worry - in this you can choose different types of graphics for a comfort action.

Use Easy and intuitive modern control. Try comfort controls and becomes the best sniper on the battlefield.

Modes of the war combat matches:

✯ Team Deathmatch:

Teams battle against each other. The mission is to defeat the enemy team and show who’s the best sniper player!

✯ Solo Deathmatch:

Free for all style. Defeat the other players all over the world as many times as you can. Get ready for some death combat action in our sniper 3rd person shooter.

✯ Special Operations / Daily missions:

Shooting armed killers to survive and complete quests to the last one standing and become a legend. In this the best killing sniper game you will be a real commando.

Come into shoot, upgrade your rank, get stars and daily prizes. Rank up and unlock more cool items and killing gun war games units.

Join tournaments to win prizes and elevate your clan or play solo and become the best sniper. You can join the world leaderboard.

Prove your skills, compare frag records, find who is the best soldier around the world and beat him. Become the god of war gaming.

Share in socials that you are the best!

Kill the most enemies to become the top soldier.

Most powerful weapons war strike

Play army shooting game with multiple weapons.

Try to Improve your fighter to have the best shooting experience

To win, Find modern combat strategies in a using various tactics

Regular updates and new elements are waiting for you in multiplayer.

This year’s best graphics and perfectly matched sounds will make you spend your time play in killing 3rd person shooter game!

Download and Play for free now.

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Novidades da Última Versão 3.18.7

Last updated on Nov 13, 2023

Bug fixes


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