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সহজ খেলা মস্তিষ্ক টিজার করে তোলে! গেম সাফ করুন, আপনার মস্তিষ্ক পরিষ্কার করুন!

Number puzzle from Dr. Sum's new idea!
Basic rules are simple.
Using math addition, re-arrange the panels to the correct orders.
Various gimmick panels on the way!
Work out the sums makes your brain clear.
Who is the smartest?

[Normal Level]
Clear all the 50 levels.

[Time Attack Level]
Let's challenge the puzzles within the target time.

[Endless Level]
This is a level with no end.

সর্বশেষ সংস্করণ 1.1.0 এ নতুন কী

Last updated on Jun 7, 2017

- Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean now supported.
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Dr.Sum আপডেটের অনুরোধ করুন 1.1.0

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May 2, 2017


عبدالله علي

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