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v1.1072.35.0 by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


عن Plug-in app (System AC)

هذا APP يدعم التحكم عن بعد والذكي اتصال الرئيسية لأجهزة تكييف الهواء.

■ Application description

- By using smartphone, you can use following functions of system air conditioner.

Monitoring of on-off status(individual or multiple indoor units), temperature settings, air flows, operating modes, weekly schedules

- You can easily monitor power consumption of outdoor unit and status of each indoor unit, like its current temperature settings, air flows, on-off status, etc.

-Devices that are connected to multi Wi-Fi KIT can be controlled through the app.

- You can connect your air conditioners to Samsung Smart Home appliances and control them together with Wi-Fi function.

■ Compatibility (Smartphone, OS and product)

- Galaxy S Series, Galaxy Note Series, iPhone 5, 6

(If used by other models, normal operation is not guaranteed)

- Supporting OS : Android OS 4.0(ICS), iOS 7.0 or later version

- Supporting product: system air conditioner that can be connected to Multi Wi-Fi KIT

(Refer to user manual)

■Please be aware of following items before using this app

- This APP can be used for system air conditioners that are connected to Multi Wi-Fi KIT.

- Check whether Wi-Fi connection of your system air conditioner is stable or not.

- Wi-Fi connection of air conditioners may not be stable if the Wi-Fi signal is weak due to location of them.

- The app display may look different than sample depending on the font you have set in your smart phone.

This service needs access permissions for the following:

[Required Access Permission]

- Storage: Required to save settings and other miscellaneous information

- Microphone: Required to control the device by voice

تحديث لأحدث إصدار v1.1072.35.0

Last updated on 08/06/2017

Support FCU model, Wind-Free

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