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Zombie Moon biểu tượng

Zombie Moon

Marines v Zombies

3.4.6 for Android

Snakehead Games Inc.

Mô tả của Zombie Moon

Zombie Moon is a social menu-based RPG with a TEEN rating; you are required to think, tap, talk and gather in the style of social Facebook games but with a lot more. It is NOT an First Person Shooter / not FPS. The chat community is friendly & awesome!

If you love pen and paper RPG's, Sci-Fi, Zombies and making friends across the world then you will love Zombie Moon. If you're looking for tap 3D shooter, this is not the game for you.

★ Chat - Awesome community - no bullying, spam, sexism, etc.
★ Unlock the mystery of Zombie Moon through missions over 1000 levels -- gain special rewards.
★ Level up & take down rival players. Or make friends.
★ Free "treasure chests" to get great equipment.
★ Game Creators play the game with you -- fight them, talk to them, and more.
★ Space Marines vs. Zombies -- what more do you want? Oh yeah, Vampires.
★ FREE to play -- always!

Note: This game can only be played when online. Some Android devices with OS v 2.3.5 or lower may not support critical game functions.

Zombie Moon 3.4.6 Cập nhật

v.3.4.6 - Q1 update
v3.4.5 - Important patch for migration support. New server.
v.3.4.4 - Android Security update as per Google requirement
v.3.4.2 - Improved video performance
v.3.4.01 - New notification system, performance improvements
v3.3.06 - Added more tasks, Added more Missions, Added Social, Squad Boss Reduced Time, Minor improvements and bug fixes
v3.3.01 - Added Squad Bosses, Donate Timer and New Squad Icons. Minor bug fixes and improvements

Additional Information

Danh mục: Miễn phí Nhập vai TRÒ CHƠI

Ngày phát hành:

Phiên bản mới nhất: 3.4.6Yêu cầu cập nhật Zombie Moon

Lấy nó trên: Tải Zombie Moon trên Google Play

Yêu cầu: Android 3.2+

Báo cáo: Gắn cờ là không phù hợp

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