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weMX HMI/SCADA for Android

weMX Tech Co., LTD.

Mô tả của weMX HMI/SCADA

You can create new UI and connect to various external devices. Thanks to this, it could be used as Home Automation, Building Automation, IoT, Kiosk, Medical Aesthetic Equipment and etc.

You need weMX Designer to design screens
- Download application:

HMI Solution
weMX Designer - designs screens on a PC
- Easy Design: Anyone can easily design with intuitive UIs of the design tool.
- Fast Test: You can simulate your design in the design tool rapidly and accurately.
- Smart Transmit: You can send your design file to the touch display with no conversion.
weMX Player - plays screens on the touch display
- Support Various OS: weMX Player supports various OSs including Windows CE, Andriod, Embedded Linux and Windows.
- Flawless UI: weMX Player provides fancy UI effects with TrueType font, vector graphics, alpha composition and smooth animation.
- Fast Speed: weMX Player provides high-speed communication driver and instant touch responses.

HMI Platform
User Componet
- Gorgeous UI: You can make gorgeous UIs that you never made in the existing design tool using dynamic 3D animation.
- Script-based UI Component: You can use the basic JavaScript-based APIs with powerful features and add other qualified libraries.  
User Driver
- Adding Communication Driver: If you cannot use your design tool as the communication driver is not supported, weMX will be the only option.
- Easy to Port: You can port the communication driver with minimum efforts.  
User Service
- Upgrade weMX: You can change the basic functions including alarm, sampling and recipe and add new ones.
- System Integration: You can control various PLCs with the controller, and send the collected and analyzed data to the server.
- Web Server: You can integrate the system without extra web servers as weMX Player is embedded with its own Web Server.

Supported PLCs
- Mitsubishi FX, Q, QnU, QnA

weMX® Trademark by weMX Tech Co., LTD.

weMX HMI/SCADA Cập nhật

- Fixed a problem with black screen on some models


Additional Information

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Uploaded by: Pedro Henrique Resende

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Available on: Tải weMX HMI/SCADA trên Google Play

Yêu cầu: Android 4.4+

Báo cáo: Gắn cờ là không phù hợp

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