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Automated Travel Journal & Assistant

3.9.1 for Android


Mô tả của Traverous

Easiest way to track, revisit and share your travel memories & experiences

With Traverous, it is easy and fun to track your trips since it is automated. After login, Tap "Record" button and tap "Start" to kick off your trip/journey and Traverous app will record your GPS location, photos & videos that you take from the app. Recording works offline. At the end of your trip, Traverous will create a bird's eye-view video Travel Journal/Diary of your trip.

Works equally great for Adventure travel, Leisure travel, Motorcycle Ride, Road Trips, Skiing and Hiking. You focus on enjoyment and Traverous takes care of preserving your memories into a travelogues. We like to call it a time machine.

Login to the Traverous app and start your journey. The app requires GPS to function and works offline

On the way you
■ Capture Photos and Short Videos (10s)
■ Add Photos from Gallery (also Instagram photos)
■ Check-ins

At the end of the trip, you can review the recorded journey (or travelogue), add/remove photos, select a background music. Connect to the Internet and publish it either privately or publicly. After sometime you get notified that your video Travel Journal, including animated video on 3D maps and detailed timeline, is ready to watch and share.

Share it with people you care about
■ on Traverous 😊
■ on Social Networks
■ Download it and Whatsapp or Email


🗺 Revisit and Share travel experiences

Travel journals created through Traverous preserve the exact sequence of your travel memories. Traverous enables you to revisit your endeavors and leave your mark for eternity.

🔒 Types of Travel

Traverous supports
■ Road Trips, Motorcycle tours
■ Off road adventures
■ Hiking, Running, Cycling, Adventure travels
■ Air Travels

🔒 Privacy control

You can publish your journeys either privately or publicly. Only you and your followers can watch private journeys. While public journeys often get featured. The app asks for minimum permissions to provide a smooth experience. You are the owner of your data. Read our privacy policy on Traverous Privacy Page

🏍 Enjoy more

Traverous encourages you to participate in the enjoyment and capture the moments that matter the most. Rest is captured for you.

💖 Get inspiration from Adventurous Travelers

Traverous is a community of Travelers. You can connect with other travelers, discover their travelogues and travel diaries (collections) captured on specific places to get inspiration for your next trips.

🌍 Discover the activities at a place

Follow the adventure and leisure travelers, motorcyclists, solo, skiers and hikers. Discover the activities and places from travel journals of top travelers for your itineraries.

🌐 Offline tracking

Traverous records your journey offline. After you finish your trip, you will need Internet connection to sync your journey with our server and it would start compiling your travel story.

📸 Add Instagram & Snapchat photos

You can add photos from your Instagram & Snapchat to your journal from your phone's gallery.

💬 Your Feedback is actually listened

We love to hear your feedback because that's what drives the improvements and new features in the app. Let us know with your reviews here or on for faster reply.

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👍 Facebook:

With ❤ from Traverous

Traverous 3.9.1 Cập nhật

NOTE: THIS UPDATE IS IMPORTANT! Previous versions might not work properly.
What's new?
■ Earn rewards by inviting your friends and avail free premium membership
■ Organize your travelogues by creating collections in your profile
■ Check-in with activities; the activities are shown in 3D in your animated travelogue
■ Add photos captured from other devices
■ Search travelogues by location
■ Import GPX file

Additional Information

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Ngày phát hành:

Phiên bản mới nhất: 3.9.1Yêu cầu cập nhật Traverous

Lấy nó trên: Tải Traverous trên Google Play

Yêu cầu: Android 4.2+

Báo cáo: Gắn cờ là không phù hợp

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