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The Union of Working Consumers of Greece (EEKE) established and operated since 2009 counts till today thousands of members. The Union's objective is to improve consumers' living standards, protecting their interests and ensure their rights in the most efficient way. Our work is the permanent consumer‘s information, advice and information and intervention for the protection of the consumer’s rights.
In a country with such a strong tourist character, we consider particularly important for travellers to know their rights and obligations in the context of their transportation and their accommodation in various destinations in the country.
This application, designed properly to be supported by Android and iOS devices. It is a useful tool if you are a Greek or foreign traveller and wish to travel within the country, presenting in a simple and understandable way your basic rights during both the transportation and the accommodation. Also, you can find a complete list of the most important phone numbers, addresses and contact information (airports-ports-busses-train stations - foreign embassies in the country-emergency phones), which is likely to be particularly useful.
Additionally, this application gives you the opportunity to send emergency sms with the possibility of sending your coordinates, in case of danger, but also the opportunity to join and to submit your complaint electronically, whenever our intervention is necessary for the protection of your rights.
The aim of the Union of Working Consumers of Greece is the travellers’ information based on European and national legislation. With this application you are informed directly about your rights during your travel so you are able to know exactly what you can claim.
Our goal is to make sure that not even one consumer will remain unprotected, under no circumstances.

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