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Status Saver For Whatsapp

6.7.4-r for Android


Mô tả của Status Saver For Whatsapp

Before you start using this app, you must have the permission and consent of your friends to be able to save the images published in their stories.

status saver for whatsapp help you to save online status from your friend's.

You can save photos, videos and gif.
🖼️ 📹

How to use

* Open app and give the permissions if you have android 6 and up (If you have android Lollipop or lower version is not necessary)

* See some status of your contacts

* Open status saver for whatsapp and you will see the images, videos and gif. Then save, share, re-publish any video, gif or image.

That's all. 😊

Main Features:

* Save Status
* Save status
* Save multiple images and status
* Re-upload images or videos
* Now you can select multiple images or videos. You can share them, delete them, or save them.⭐️
* Swipe down to update the list of images or videos. ⭐️

- This application has no relationship with Whatsapp Inc or some of its products.
- This application is not affiliated in any way with Whatsapp, Inc
- Any infringement of intellectual property rights is the responsibility of the user.

Status Saver For Whatsapp 6.7.4-r Cập nhật

* Now can change storage internal to external and vice versa
* Added GDPR dialog for users in EEA
* Bugs Fixed

Additional Information

Danh mục: Miễn phí Công cụ ỨNG DỤNG

Ngày phát hành:

Phiên bản mới nhất: 6.7.4-rYêu cầu cập nhật Status Saver For Whatsapp

Lấy nó trên: Tải Status Saver For Whatsapp trên Google Play

Yêu cầu: Android 4.0.3+

Báo cáo: Gắn cờ là không phù hợp

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