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Sako High School Simulator

2.5 for Android
Home horror design.

Mô tả của Sako High School Simulator

Sako School Simulator 3D is an anime style school simulator based on the schools of japan
At the beginning of the game Sako School Simulator you will have your own house, your car and the opportunity to study in this anime school.
Enter the life of a Sako , walk the halls of this school, interact with the various students, drive a car, perform various academic activities and have fun.
There are also other different buildings, such as supermarket, bus station, airport, amusement park and so on.

Top Features in Sako School Girl Life Simulator High School Games:
-Play as a School Girl on Your First Day in High School.
-Complete Interesting School Games Missions.
-Participate in School Sports day and Dance Classes.
-Enjoy Car Driving in this Virtual School Simulator.
-Addictive Gameplay of High School Girl Games.
-Detailed Environment, Cafe, and Playgrounds.

play as a virtual high school girl and perform your duties as a brilliant student. Take some challenges in school life. In the first stage, you have to pass the classroom MCQ's test to show your brilliance in the class and to secure top positions in the classroom exams in this anime simulator school girl game. Never try to cheat in the exam otherwise your school teacher will catch and punish you

Break Sako School Simulator is the ultimate stress relief game for those who want to relieve stress by destroying a high school.
If you have ever broken something, you know that breaking things can relieve stress.
Destroy the high school simulator without a second thought and release your stress!

This first date Sako girl anime high school girls life 3d game is the best school simulator game that entertains you with amazing school life activities in anime girl games. As a player, you will act like a real school girl to shine as a girl life high school star in studies and fun activities throughout the anime girl SAKO sim game. As the virtual school girl in this high school life anime game, wake up early in the morning and get ready for school in this anime school game. After that, as SAKO girl you have to go to the kitchen to take breakfast like your mother preparing food for the virtual family in this mother life high school life anime school game. Now reaches high school games and meet with your friends and other cool girls as the virtual school girl in anime games for girls 2021.

Attend the classes, attempt math quiz, and participate in school sports day to win the best performance prize of the high school. School Girl Life Simulator: High School Games has a lot of interesting missions of school girl games for the best experience of school life. As you are a newcomer, take your student card from the admin office and introduce yourself to the school teacher. Help the school students in their study and take part in dance classes in this virtual school girl simulator.

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Phiên bản mới nhất: 2.5Yêu cầu cập nhật Sako High School Simulator

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Được tải lên bởi: فتاة ابكاها القدر

Yêu cầu Android: Android 5.0+

Báo cáo: Gắn cờ là không phù hợp

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