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Recurring tasks, chores, Reminders & Log

1.0.12 for Android


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We all have many tasks, chores, and activities that we do (or need to do) repeatedly. It gets hard to keep up with the routines and track your activities when life gets busy. Recurlog is a simple and configurable app that can help you manage them with ease. The app provides reminders, logging capabilities, features to analyze your data and a flexible scheduler to help you keep up and track progress over time.

Support for different scheduling needs:
- Tasks or chores with fixed schedules and deadlines.
- Tasks or chores that are less time-critical. The next due date is calculated based on when you last did the task or chore and not when you were supposed to do it.
- Activities or Events with no schedule. Just log when you do it or when it occurs.

You can use the app to organize, schedule and track your recurring personal and home maintenance tasks. You can also use the app to maintain logs of activities that you do repeatedly such as dine outs, doctor visits, and overtime. The app lets you add notes and values like price, time spent etc when you do a recurring task or activity.

Recurlog can remind you when a task or chore is due, overdue and about to be due. Using the configurable after due date reminder, you can let the app nag you for days until you do the task. With Recurlog, you will never forget any of your routine tasks again.

Some examples of things you could schedule/track using Recurlog:
- Vacuum the floor on Wednesdays and Saturdays every week
- Inspect and replace HVAC filters about every 3 months
- Exercise every day and log time spent
- Pay the phone bill on the 15th of every month and also track the amount paid
- Wash car on the second Sunday of every month
- Sleep (Track hours and quality)
- Work log (Hours, notes etc)

Types of values that you can log when you do a task or activity: number, duration, yes/no and note.

Recurlog's Auto Rollover feature is useful for optional tasks. When a task that has Auto Rollover turned on becomes overdue, the app will reschedule it to the next due date automatically.

★★ Major features ★★
- Add or edit recurring tasks, chores, and activities
- Choose to repeat a task based on due date or last done date
- Get reminders when a task is due, overdue and about to be due
- Mark a task as done
- Skip an occurrence
- Add more details like date, time, note and values when you do a task. Free - Track only one value per task, Pro - Track many values per task.
- Auto rollover due dates for optional tasks (Pro)
- View task history/log
- Analyze historical data using charts and stats to spot trends and patterns
- Organize using categories
- Home screen widget (Pro)
- Offline only app with backup and restore support

The app has no ads. For a one time fee, you can unlock all Pro features.

If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please email us at

Recurlog 1.0.12 Cập nhật

Dark theme support
Improvements and bug fixes

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Phiên bản mới nhất: 1.0.12Yêu cầu cập nhật Recurlog

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Yêu cầu: Android 4.1+

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