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Pre-Calculus covers functions and graphs that most students should be familiar with from having Algebra 1 and Algebra II courses. Pre-Calculus covers other topics as well: solving and graphing of functions, domain, range, maxima and minima, and describing different properties of functions that will come up in future Calculus courses. Study these topics and more using the free Varsity Tutors’ Pre-Calculus app for Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

Pre-Calculus also goes into detail about exponential and logarithmic functions, as well as the use of polynomials and the effects of exponents, logarithms, and polynomials that each have a function on a graph. Pre-Calculus also covers sequences and series. In addition, the course examines arithmetic and geometric series and teaches students to solve for limits such as x approaching infinity and one-sided limits.

With the free Varsity Tutors Pre-Calculus app for Android-powered smartphones and tablets, you can find the help for Pre-Calculus with an easy click. The app includes diagnostic tests, interactive flashcards, and even a question of the day feature. There is also a syllabus within the app that has Pre-Calculus materials broken down in detailed order. You can start from the top, or if there are certain areas of Pre-Calculus you would like to study, you can jump down and click on any category.

With the aid of the free Varsity Tutors app, you have got some excellent free Pre-Calculus study materials within easy reach. Whether you are a beginner with this course or you feel the need to brush up on your skills, the Varsity Tutors Pre-Calculus app for Android-powered smartphones and tablets is a great choice.

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RELEASE 1.7.0:

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