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Backup & Restore

3.6.14 for Android
The XAPK (Base APK + Split APKs) File

Mô tả của PhoneCopy

Are you looking for a reliable, versatile and easy way to back up contacts, SMS, photos or videos?
Have you got a new mobile phone or do you need to synchronize your data to multiple devices?
Then this application is the right one for you! is a unique platform-independent way to cloud backup and sync your contacts, SMS, photos and videos from mobile devices. PhoneCopy offers free unlimited * and cross-platform synchronization for smartphones and phones without an operating system, with the ability to access this data in real time via a web browser. provides:
- Automatic or manual contact backup/restore and synchronization, SMS and photo back up
- Transfer your backup to another device
- Synchronization between multiple devices
- Deleted data archive
- Access to your data and more advanced features through the website is an unbeatable way to manage your contacts providing you:
- Automatic or manual backup
- Contact categorization (eg. Private/ corporate, by client, groups of people)
- Deleted data restoration
- Editing, merging or mass change of contacts, duplicates removal
- Export contacts from Thunderbird or in a vCard form from Gmail or Outlook
- Import contacts into Thunderbird or Salesforce
- PhoneCopy Connect - Social network maintaining the interconnected contacts always up to date


PhoneCopy works with Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS X and other platforms - no matter what phone, smartphone, tablet or computer you have, you will be able to back up and sync all your devices and transfer data between them!


Unlike other backup services, you don't have to worry about where and whether it was stored. After logging in to your profile via the Internet browser, PhoneCopy will show which contacts, etc. have been changed or may have only been successfully synchronized. For example, even if you delete some contacts, messages, etc. from your phone, you can restore them from the directory of deleted contacts and you will always have access to your data.


You can sync anytime, from anywhere for free *. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection or your regular data plan.


Unlike backup to your PC, PhoneCopy is designed as a secure cloud service for instant access anytime, anywhere. This means that your data is always online and accessible from any device connected to the Internet.


PhoneCopy Galleries allow you to create galleries from photos that you have previously backed up from your mobile phone. In the gallery, you can link thematically related photos or photos from one place you've visited. The gallery can be private only for invited visitors, accessible after entering a password, or even completely public, and this will then be included in the gallery overview.


- On Android we currently synchronize contacts, SMS messages, images and videos.
- Different applications use different formats for the date. We do not support all of them.
- PhoneCopy does not support the date of birth without a year.
- Free version does not fully support all functions.

* The FREE service is intended for personal use with maximally two devices and a limit set of 500 stored contacts or SMS and 1 GB of storage space for photos and videos. Restoring SMS back to the phone is part of the PREMIUM account.

In case of problems, please contact our support team by email at: and describe your problem or how we can help you.

You can contact us:
Twitter: @phonecopy
The current image guidance:

PhoneCopy 3.6.14 Cập nhật

- added French language
- optimization for long-lasting synchronization
- optimization of notifications
- optimization of media-sync
- bug fixes and other improvements

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