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1.331.0 for Android

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Perfect World is celebrating its 1st anniversary! A grand festival of fun has been planned for players old and new alike, with prizes and events all meant to reward players for staying with us for so long. Meanwhile, walk the treacherous yet gorgeous Frozen Path to unveil its secrets; explore the Magic Ruins to uncover a past lost to the world; both these dungeons await worthy Seekers to explore them. Additionally, new game modes and events are available for Tribes and Homesteads, so get ready to take your social engagement to the next level. With next-gen graphics and a vast open-world, stride above clouds as you soar beyond the bend of the horizon, walk boundless lands spread across a myriad of biomes, and dive deep into an ocean as blue and deep as it is mysterious, Perfect World beckons you to adventure!

[Enter the Cold, Walk the Frozen Path]
Enter a barren and hostile domain where the chill of the wind slides through flesh like a river of daggers! Overcome a challenge unlike any other and face the Ice Goddess who's consciousness stands on the blink of utter erosion. Can you uncover the mysteries of the Frozen Path and defeat the evils lurking in its depths?

[Enter the Magic Ruins]
Felbreak was once a wonder to behold, but after a massive explosion, all that remains is Magic Ruins. Yet, within the devasted domain, a mysterious ring brimming with magical energy calls to Seekers and practioners from all walks of life, daring them to venture forth and claim its power;

[For Guild and Tribe]
Numerous new game modes await for your Guild and Tribe. Engage your friends in fun mini-games and see who stands as the ultimate player.

[Reforging of a 13-YO Classic IP]
Inheriting the legacy of a 13-year classic, Perfect World Mobile bears with it the best features of its predecessor, restoring the unique setting and class choices to bring you the most authentic PW experience. The Humans, the Winged Elves, and the Untamed have made their return to the Perfect Continent!

[Fulfilling all your Xianxia Fantasy Needs]
With exquisite graphics and a nigh-infinite trajectory of development for both your character and your gear, claim dominion over Yin and Yang and seize control over the five elements to ascend to the apex of immortality. Here all Perfect World, you wildest Xianxia fantasies await.

[Next-gen Graphics & Seamless World]
Cinematic graphics that incorporate realistic lighting and shadow effects guaranteed to immerse you in the full quality of shifting seasons and dynamic weather that breaths life into a world unlike any other: a massive panoramic world where the three major cities are at their best and most gorgeous!

[Take Flight into New Adventures]
The Perfect Continent spans over 60,000 square kilometers, all seamlessly connected together by a panoramic three-dimensional map that integrates the unique omni-directional flight system that elevated the original Perfect World to stardom. Claim the perfect skies with your personal aerogear!

[Thrilling and Diverse Battles]
Well balanced and optimized for cooperation between multiple classes, with each having its own distinct characteristics and strengths. Take to the skies, the land, and the oceans as you wish. Wage wars in massive multiplayer dungeons and claim your glory in epic guild conflicts.

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Perfect World 1.331.0 Cập nhật

1. New class: Assassin
2. New dungeons: Molten Gate, Molten Core and Black Kraken
3. New Artifact system
4. New legendary and hidden quests
5. Upgraded Homestead
6. New equipment: Sack
7. New Cultivation Level: Formless and Fate
8. New gameplay in Path of Five: Elemental Lord

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Uploaded by: Benja Alexis

Phiên bản mới nhất: 1.331.0Yêu cầu cập nhật Perfect World

Available on: Tải Perfect World trên Google Play

Yêu cầu: Android 4.4+

Báo cáo: Gắn cờ là không phù hợp

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